Stephen M. Roth, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Exercise Physiology, Aging and Genetics


Currently Funded Grants:
Principal Investigator with Spangenburg (Co-I): HD062868: Role of maternal exercise environment on transgenerational offspring health, R21 for NIH/NICHD. Sept. 2010-2011.

Co-Investigator with Haufler (PI): Samueli Foundation: Superior performance under pressure. Apr 10-Apr 11.

Co-Investigator with Brown (PI): HL085497: Genetics of in vivo and in vitro endothelial function, R01 for NIH/NHLBI, June 2007-2012.

Co-Mentor with Hagberg (PI): AG00268: Predoctoral training in exercise physiology and aging, T32, NIH/NIA Institutional Predoctoral Training Grant, May 2009-2013.

Previously Funded Grants:
Principal Investigator: AG022791: Genetic epidemiology of aging skeletal muscle, K01, Mentored Research Scientist Career Development Award for NIH/NIA, Sept. 2003-2008.

Principal Investigator: AG021500: Genetic architecture of aging skeletal muscle, R01 for NIH/NIA, Sept. 2003-2007.

Co-Investigator with Hatfield (PI): AG025505: Age, physical activity, genotype and cognitive function. R21 for NIH/NIA, Sept 2006-2008.

Co-Investigator with Hurley (PI): CA127784: Strength training, self-efficacy, and function in blacks with prostate cancer. R21 for NIH/NCI, Mar 08-2010.

Principal Investigator, Genetic aspects of vestibular dysfunction, R21, NS046021
March 2003-2006.

Principal Investigator: Role of exercise ancestry on longevity and disease, University of Maryland General Research Board (GRB) Research Support Award, July 2007, (equipment).

Principal Investigator: Influence of physical activity ancestry on brain gene expression and cognitive function. College of Health and Human Performance Public Health Research Seed Money Program, 7/2007-7-2008.