"The Legacy Leadership Institute on Public Policy Program is probably one of the best programs I have ever participated in. The program provided me an in depth picture of the governing and legislative process in the state of Maryland." - Matthew Blanding, 2009

"It is a great program and I found every aspect compelling, mind expanding, and rewarding." - Mary Kay Pappadeas, 2009

"My experience as a Legacy Leader working for Senator Douglas J.J. Peters during the 426th Session of the Maryland General Assembly can be described in three words; Opportunity, Involvement, Success." - Wallace O. Stephen, 2009

"My experience with the Legacy Leadership Program at the University of Maryland has been one of the most rewarding, exciting and challenging experiences I have had in my life." - Diana Jones, 2008

"In just a few short months, the Legacy Leadership adventure surpassed anything I had experienced in 33 years of Federal Service." - Timothy Lawrence, 2008

"This experience has been so rewarding for me that I would recommend it highly to others who are retired and want to continue to make a contribution." - Cynthia Scurlock, 2008