Cultural Competence Domains
Tobacco Disparities in Maryland
Maryland's Approach to Cultural Competency in Healthcare

Dec 8, 2010
Washington, D.C

Feb 25, 2011
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Apr 4-10, 2011

Jun 7, 2011
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Welcome to the University of Maryland College Park-School of Public Health's website on cultural competency and health disparities. This website has been developed to help health professionals, public health practitioners, students and others find information on cultural competency and health disparities.

What you will find on this website are links to free online cultural competency curricula, information on language services and requirements, self-awareness exercises, key reports on health disparities, interactive websites to retrieve data and create tables, related courses, as well as other resources.

New tobacco disparities reports prepared by the University of Maryland School of Public Health for the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Center for Health Promotion, Education & Tobacco Use Prevention are available here.  Information from these reports are crucial to understanding differences among certain groups in our state that remain at high risk and suffer disproportionately from tobacco-related illness and death in spite of the progress in reducing tobacco use.

Development of this website was funded by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute under the direction of Olivia Carter-Pokras, Ph.D (Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics) and with the assistance of Mr. Christopher Daniel, Mr. Stefan Livingstone, Mr. Alexander Fischer, Mr. Charles Olaleye, Mr. Cong Ye and Ms Lu Chen.

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