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Do you have a story about a tough or a triumphant time in your life that you would like to share with teens and others?  Telling your story of resilience can help teach young people about you, about themselves, and about important life matters. 


If you would like to tell your own story and submit it to Sages of the Ages, please open and read the storytelling prompt document below.  Storytellers may share as much or as little as desired.  If a storyteller wishes to remain anonymous, he or she should remove any identifying information from the story itself.  A consent form must be signed, but the form will be stored separately from the story, and all efforts will be made to ensure anonymity. 


        Storytelling Prompt and Consent Form


Print and complete the consent form.  Send the consent form along with your story by mail, fax, or email to:


        Sages of the Ages: Stories that Touch and Teach

        Program Director: Bonnie Braun, Ph.D.

        Department of Family Science

        University of Maryland

        1204 Marie Mount Hall

        College Park, Maryland 20742

        Facsimile: 301-314-9161



You may also include a photograph of yourself (old or new) or an artifact that relates to your story with your submission if you choose.  If sending a photograph or other artifact, please print and complete the photography and artifact consent form.


         Photography and Artifact Consent Form