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Breakfast with Mrs. Fridge - Gloria Friedgen
The monthly Breakfast with Mrs. Fridge was held on February 6th, 2008. Faculty, staff, students, and alumni took part in a traditional event promoting collegiality and a sense of family within our College. Various forms of carbohydrates were offered and consumed! Please contact Gloria Friedgen with questions or suggestions.

breakfast_02_06_2008_01.jpg breakfast_02_06_2008_02.jpg breakfast_02_06_2008_03.jpg breakfast_02_06_2008_04.jpg
breakfast_02_06_2008_05.jpg breakfast_02_06_2008_06.jpg breakfast_02_06_2008_07.jpg breakfast_02_06_2008_08.jpg
breakfast_02_06_2008_09.jpg breakfast_02_06_2008_10.jpg breakfast_02_06_2008_11.jpg breakfast_02_06_2008_12.jpg
breakfast_02_06_2008_13.jpg breakfast_02_06_2008_14.jpg
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