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Joan S. Hult Women's History Month Distinguished Lecture
Dr. Susan K. Cahn, Associate Professor of History, University of Buffalo, was the 2008 Joan S. Hult Women's History Month Lecturer. She lectured on "Feminism, Sports & the Liberated Body" on the 12th of March, 2008.

cahn_03_12_08_01.jpg cahn_03_12_08_02.jpg cahn_03_12_08_03.jpg cahn_03_12_08_04.jpg
cahn_03_12_08_05.jpg cahn_03_12_08_06.jpg cahn_03_12_08_07.jpg cahn_03_12_08_08.jpg
cahn_03_12_08_09.jpg cahn_03_12_08_10.jpg cahn_03_12_08_11.jpg cahn_03_12_08_12.jpg
cahn_03_12_08_13.jpg cahn_03_12_08_14.jpg cahn_03_12_08_15.jpg cahn_03_12_08_16.jpg
cahn_03_12_08_17.jpg cahn_03_12_08_18.jpg cahn_03_12_08_19.jpg cahn_03_12_08_20.jpg
cahn_03_12_08_21.jpg cahn_03_12_08_22.jpg cahn_03_12_08_23.jpg cahn_03_12_08_24.jpg
cahn_03_12_08_25.jpg cahn_03_12_08_26.jpg cahn_03_12_08_27.jpg cahn_03_12_08_28.jpg
cahn_03_12_08_29.jpg cahn_03_12_08_30.jpg
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