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Career Expo 2008
On October 8th, 2008, as part of the undergraduate career series, we had the Career Expo. The Career Expo is a way for all majors in SPH to explore possible career paths with their degree. Our exhibitors were available to share great information, internships and jobs with our current students.
We had a great student turnout as as we welcomed 50 local organizations and employers to our campus.

career_expo_2008_01.jpg career_expo_2008_02.jpg career_expo_2008_03.jpg career_expo_2008_04.jpg
career_expo_2008_05.jpg career_expo_2008_06.jpg career_expo_2008_07.jpg career_expo_2008_08.jpg
career_expo_2008_09.jpg career_expo_2008_10.jpg career_expo_2008_11.jpg career_expo_2008_12.jpg
career_expo_2008_13.jpg career_expo_2008_14.jpg career_expo_2008_15.jpg career_expo_2008_16.jpg
career_expo_2008_17.jpg career_expo_2008_18.jpg career_expo_2008_19.jpg career_expo_2008_20.jpg
career_expo_2008_21.jpg career_expo_2008_22.jpg career_expo_2008_23.jpg career_expo_2008_24.jpg

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