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Mind and Body Games 2008
On September 21st, 2008, The School of Public Health Alumni Chapter at University of Maryland College Park hosted its First Annual Mind Body Games. Janet Anderson, alum, and her team of experts, ran a challenging and fun event that tested some "physical" and "mental" skills.

In a tight competition where competitors did jigsaw puzzles, played Trivial Pursuit, Scrutineyes, Name that Tune, Scene It, Sudoku, among other games, the Black team surged ahead at the end of the day in the Family Feud game with 8 out of 10 correct answers! The Yellow team from PAE was second, the Orange Team was third, the Green Team from Step Aerobics was fourth and the Blue Team from Public Policy was fifth. But everyone was a winner being able to choose from great prizes, Ledo's pizza and lots of fun!

mind_body_games_2008_01.jpg mind_body_games_2008_02.jpg mind_body_games_2008_03.jpg mind_body_games_2008_04.jpg
mind_body_games_2008_05.jpg mind_body_games_2008_06.jpg mind_body_games_2008_07.jpg mind_body_games_2008_08.jpg
mind_body_games_2008_09.jpg mind_body_games_2008_10.jpg mind_body_games_2008_11.jpg mind_body_games_2008_12.jpg
mind_body_games_2008_13.jpg mind_body_games_2008_14.jpg mind_body_games_2008_15.jpg mind_body_games_2008_16.jpg
mind_body_games_2008_17.jpg mind_body_games_2008_18.jpg mind_body_games_2008_19.jpg mind_body_games_2008_20.jpg
mind_body_games_2008_21.jpg mind_body_games_2008_22.jpg mind_body_games_2008_23.jpg mind_body_games_2008_24.jpg
mind_body_games_2008_25.jpg mind_body_games_2008_26.jpg mind_body_games_2008_27.jpg mind_body_games_2008_28.jpg
mind_body_games_2008_29.jpg mind_body_games_2008_30.jpg mind_body_games_2008_31.jpg mind_body_games_2008_32.jpg
mind_body_games_2008_33.jpg mind_body_games_2008_34.jpg mind_body_games_2008_35.jpg mind_body_games_2008_36.jpg
mind_body_games_2008_37.jpg mind_body_games_2008_38.jpg mind_body_games_2008_39.jpg mind_body_games_2008_40.jpg
mind_body_games_2008_41.jpg mind_body_games_2008_42.jpg mind_body_games_2008_43.jpg
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