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Challenges of Being Mothers in the Scientific Workforce
On September 24th, 2008, there was a panel discussion and reception for women scientists who have directly addressed the challenges of being mothers in the scientific workforce and contributed to the book Motherhood: The Elephant in the Laboratory.
Panelists include:
Marla S. McIntosh, UM Professor of Plant Sciences (Event Organizer)
Emily Monosson, Toxicologist (Book Editor)
Anne Douglass, NASA Goddard Space Center
Gina Wesley-Hunt, Montgomery College
Catherine O'Riordan, American Institute of Physics
Marguerite Toscano, Independent Geoscientist
Sue Epstein, Food & Drug Administration
Devin Reese, National Science Resource Center
Marilyn Merrit, George Washington University
Caroline Baier-Anderson, UM, Baltimore and Environmental Defense Fund

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