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Tailgate Party 2008 vs Duke

On February 13th, we had our first tailgate of 2008. Many visitors showed up with their families. After the tailgate, everyone watched the game on a large screen. Food was provided by the faculty and students of the School of Public Health. There were several other games and in all it was a wonderul experience.



tailgate_02_2008_01.jpg tailgate_02_2008_02.jpg tailgate_02_2008_03.jpg tailgate_02_2008_04.jpg
tailgate_02_2008_05.jpg tailgate_02_2008_06.jpg tailgate_02_2008_07.jpg tailgate_02_2008_08.jpg
tailgate_02_2008_09.jpg tailgate_02_2008_10.jpg tailgate_02_2008_11.jpg tailgate_02_2008_12.jpg
tailgate_02_2008_13.jpg tailgate_02_2008_14.jpg tailgate_02_2008_15.jpg tailgate_02_2008_16.jpg
tailgate_02_2008_17.jpg tailgate_02_2008_18.jpg tailgate_02_2008_19.jpg tailgate_02_2008_20.jpg
tailgate_02_2008_21.jpg tailgate_02_2008_22.jpg tailgate_02_2008_23.jpg tailgate_02_2008_24.jpg
tailgate_02_2008_25.jpg tailgate_02_2008_26.jpg tailgate_02_2008_27.jpg tailgate_02_2008_28.jpg
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