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Covid-19 mask with the LGBTQ+ flag colors

Increasing COVID-19 Vaccine Access and Confidence Among LGBTQ+ Populations

Drs. Cynthia Baur and Jessica Fish are leading the UMD-PRC COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Project that will help implement behavioral nudges and remove barriers to getting the COVID-19 vaccine for LGBTQ+ people, including a focus on public communication.

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Young woman sitting in tunnel

Understanding the Sexual Health Needs of Youths Experiencing Homelessness

A new review led by Dr. Elizabeth Aparicio provides a scope of literature resources intending to improve sexual and reproductive health equity for Youths Experiencing Homelessness. 

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Illustration of a woman who is confused about wether or not to wear a COVID-19 face mask.

To Mask or Not to Mask?

Dr. Donald Milton, professor of applied environmental health and a leading expert on how viruses spread through the air, clears up some of the confusion around masking.

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Smoke stack at Wheelabrator, an incinerator that is visible from Route 95, is Baltimore's top industrial polluter

Environmental Justice in Maryland, DC and Virginia

Join the Center for Community Engagement, Environmental Justice and Health for the 7th UMD Symposium on Environmental Justice & Health Disparities where researchers, community organizers and policy makers join together to take on issues of food sovereignty, climate justice, energy equity, law and policy. This year’s event will also include sessions on gender and reproductive justice, Indigenous human rights, health disparities in the prison system and more! 

Keynote by Cecelia Martinez, Senior Director for Environmental Justice at the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ).


Learn more about the EJ Symposium, Aug. 19-21

University of Maryland COVID-19 Information

All students, faculty and staff who will be on the University of Maryland campus this fall are required to be vaccinated against COVID. Submit your vaccination details by August 2, 2021 by going to, and selecting "confirm vaccination status" for your appropriate category (faculty/staff or student) and following the prompts to submit. 


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At the University of Maryland School of Public Health, we are driven by a passion to break down the barriers that keep individuals, families, communities and populations from attaining optimum health and wellness. Explore some of the ways we work to promote health, prevent disease and prolong active, high-quality lives through the topics below.

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  • Health Literacy
  • Family and Child Health
  • Climate Change and Health
  • Physical Activity
  • Health Equity
  • Health Care Access
  • COVID-19

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Fearlessly Promoting Health for All

At the University of Maryland School of Public Health, we are driven by a passion to break down the societal barriers that keep individuals, families, communities and populations from optimum health and wellness everyday. Join us on a fearless journey to do public health good!

Undergraduate and Graduate Students in the School of Public Health

The School of Public Health has extraordinary professors and faculty who are dedicated to continuous student success.

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SPH research is making a difference in critical areas, from climate change’s impacts on health, physical activity’s benefits to aging brains and culturally competent mental health care's role in LGBTQ+ persons' health, among others.
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Student samples water for CONSERVE Center
A member of the CONSERVE research team collects water from a field site to be analyzed for its chemical, microbial and physical qualities.